Who would have thought electricity was so beautiful? Lightning, neon lamps, energy fields, plasma balloons. We will demonstrate magic invented by science. We will light lamps without wires and sockets, lamps of different sizes and colors at any distance. We will reveal the secret of the great Nikola Tesla to you! Guardians of the mystery will demonstrate the physical properties of energy and even catch lightning with bare hands!
The exciting look of the show, will not leave anyone indifferent, and will be a bright addition to any children’s and adult event.
-We catch lightning with “bare” hands! -We light bulbs without an electricity -Igniting of a paper and ignition of the big matches – Game of lightnings in plasma spheres-colored lightnings, and we light fireworks. Only at us in show the big singing coil of Tesla, a lightning to 50 sm will sing any melody!
Recommended for children from 8 years of age, as well as for adults.

Length: check

Cost: Ask the manager.