To start your own business you need to make a lot of efforts.

But when everything is almost ready: the interior of the room meets expectations, the equipment is in place, the goods are arranged in shelves, and the staff to prepare for the first working day – there is only one small touch.

How to present your “child” and attract potential customers?

Many businessmen face a choice: to order permanent advertising or to make a high-quality presentation of the store with the help of the agency for the organization of holidays and celebrations? In fact, it is absolutely two different types of advertising. Yes, a signboard or a pavement sign will constantly stand on one place and probably, someone will pay attention to it. But here there is one small catch that people are so busy with the problems and ideas that hardly will pay attention to hundred first signboard in the area.

It’s quite another thing, when you hear loud and positive music, come to each person big growth dolls in the form of famous cartoon characters, photographed with people, give a ball and offer to buy something. Here it will be very difficult to pass by and not to look in a new shop or office with such a bright presentation, probably, there is something interesting?

The most important thing is to ask for help from professionals who have opened more than one shopping center and know exactly what to do. The agency on organization of holidays and solemn events “MaxSmile” can organize any opening on a turnkey basis. Presenters and DJs, balloons, decor of the premises and facade, big height dolls, beautiful and delicious buffet. All this in the complex will pay off in the first day. Make the right choice and declare your business.