• Rentals

    Renting props is a very sensible decision. After all, many things that you use on the day of the wedding, you do not need after it. That is why it is simply unprofitable to spend extra money on them.

  • The props are made of felt.

    It’s one of the finest varieties of felt. It is produced using the undercoat of rabbits, goats or other animals. It is very pleasant in its tactile sensations. It is soft, warm and fluffy…

  • The biflex props

    A fabric that can stretch in all directions. It is incredibly bright, colorful and elegant. Nobody will be able to remain indifferent after using the props made of this material. The biflex props are multifunctional and irreplaceable. Its use allows you to conduct many different active games with children, it is an important element in the work of leading holidays and animators.

  • The requisition from Bologna

    Durable, lightweight and durable material. It is easy to care for and difficult to damage. It is because of these advantages that the props made of bologna are very popular with animators and festival organizers, and children are delighted with the variety of games, brightness of colors and a variety of entertainment options in which this material is used.

  • The Ribbon Commandment

    Bright and colorful ribbons of different textures and colors can be used as props for any celebration. This is a universal thing, which was attracted by many of its simplicity and originality at the same time. The wide assortment of the given material allows to choose a requisite which will approach to your action.

  • 3D props

    A realistic and vivid props that looks like a real one! It is pleasant to the touch, easy to use and very popular. Choosing this kind of props for your holiday, you will remain in full delight of its performance and variations for entertainment and contests!


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