Rules of the MaxSmile company

“In order to avoid conflicts or misunderstandings, we would like to introduce you to our rules.

Prepayment (deposit):

The order is considered accepted (booked) only after advance payment.

The prepayment is 50% of the total order amount.

The advance payment that you have made and the manager has confirmed it, gives a 100% guarantee for the booking of services / artists on your date and time from the company «Maxsmile».

Prepayment is paid by the client as a guarantor of the service order at the company on a specific date.

If the order is not disrupted by the company’s fault, the amount of the advance payment will remain with the company as a penalty for booking the date and refusing other offers on that date, in which case we offer the following options:

  • If the client informs about the cancellation of the event more than a week in advance (7 days), then 100% of the deposit remains as a deposit for any other service that the client chooses in the future within 90 days from the date of advance payment.
  • If the client informs about cancellation of the order more than 3 days in advance, then 50% of the deposit amount remains as a deposit for payment of any other service that the client chooses in the future.
  • If the client informs about cancellation of the order less than 3 days in advance, the deposit will not be returned and will not be considered as a deposit for further services.


After prepayment, the final timing of the event is agreed upon.

Any changes on your (client’s) part can be accepted and corrected by the manager, provided that the artists are not busy for the changed time or date of the celebration.

The first change of date/time/location of the event is free of charge,

Each subsequent change – 100 UAH / service / artist

What does that mean? *

*- If you have ordered several items or services from us for one time and then decided to change this time / or date / or location, we will correct it for the first time free of charge, all other changes will be agreed individually with the administration of Maxsmile

Household rider for artists/animators:

Our artists are punctual, so they always arrive at least 30 minutes before the event.

We always ask our customers to think about this in advance and prepare a room/room for changing the artists, preparing for the performance (or warning the staff of the institution where the holiday will be held about such nuances).

Also, our artists/animators always give 100% of their work, we would appreciate it if you could:

  • With a total of more than 3 hours of employment (not including training), the artists were provided with gas-free drinking water.
  • With the total employment of artists more than 5 hours of domestic rider to clarify with the manager of the company.

Parking of service vehicles:

In order to provide the best possible service, we have at our disposal quite large items (costumes and props of our artists, equipment and much more). In order for all this to be at the event venue, we often have to make a lot of effort, so we are very grateful when the customer understands it, appreciates and thinks about the parking space for our “Maxsmile-mobile” as close as possible to the destination. In most cases, there are no problems with parking, but still it happens:

  • our car isn’t being passed on by a security guard who wasn’t notified of our arrival. Therefore, we kindly ask you to warn the guards about our arrival.
  • or, alternatively, the restaurant for celebration is located in the city center, where parking is not provided at all and the only option to park is an expensive underground parking lot. In this case, the payment for parking is the responsibility of the customer.

Otherwise, we cannot guarantee the timely start of the artists’ performances / services!


Delivery of the ordered artists or services outside Kiev is paid separately from the calculation of remoteness:

  • 0-20 km = 300 UAH
  • 20-30 km = 400 UAH
  • 30-40 km = 500 UAH
  • The cost of transporting artists over longer distances is specified individually

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