Do you want your party to be remembered for a long time? We offer an original and memorable final of your holiday! For anniversary, children’s holiday, graduation, wedding, corporate party and at any event where there is a place for fiery dancing!
A huge amount of snow-white paper, shiny confetti, smoke rings, giant balls and a lot of snow-white shaped balls, original white artist costumes, incendiary music tracks and a complete breakaway. The paper show is a bright show for any age, the most unforgettable emotions, original angles of a photo and a splash of the most positive emotions!

Variants of paper show :
-Show “Economy” -20 kg of special paper, 30 balls of ShDM, 1 giant ball, 1 kg of metophane, 2 artists.
-Show “Premium” – 30 kg of paper, 50 balls of ShDM, 2 giant balls, 2 kg of metophane, 2 artists.
-Show “Maxi” – 50 kg of paper, 100 balls of SDM, 3 giant balls, 3 kg of metophane, 3 artists.
-Show “Mega-many” – 100 kg of paper, 150 balls SHDM, 5 giant balls, 5 kg of metophane, 4 artists.

Length: 30 minutes-40 minutes