Host number three.

About myself: 
Surprisingly, the presenter, spending the holiday by all the rules, can improve the hopeless holiday up to 80%! That is, if you used to have 50 people on the holiday, but only 10 had fun, then with the help of a good presenter the number of happy people can grow to 40 – that is, almost four times! Amazing, isn’t it?

P.S: Well, there’s always Wi-Fi for 10 hopeless introverts.)

Age: 33 years
Experience: 15 years of work
– more than 100 weddings
– 60 anniversaries
– 80 birthdays
– more than 300 corporate events.

Format of events:
wedding; corporate event; anniversary; city day; family day.

3M; CDMA; slando; syngenta; Renault PRO; Dr web; Auchan; BI Market; EOS;

Check the price with the manager.
The price includes delivery in Kiev, development of a scenario plan, the event.


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