I’m the host of events, and I’m a funny, sociable and charismatic chatterbox. I’ve been a showman for over 7 years. And that means only one thing… There are a lot of different holidays and original parties, mass discoveries and creative events. I still have a lot of interesting ideas in my arsenal and let’s embody them together.

Age : 26
Experience: 7 years of work,
– more than 30 weddings
– 20 anniversaries
– 70 birthdays
– More than 100 corporate events.

Format of events
corporate event, anniversary, children’s birthday; family day; promotion; political action; opening of shops; city day;

Silpo chain stores; ACTORS; ARTMALL; AEROMALL; FidoBank; Richte Gedeon; DREAM town; NIKO; Varenychnyh “Katyusha” network; BudMax; Epicenter; МТС;

*Check the price with the manager.

The price includes delivery to Kiev, development of the script plan, holding the event.