FamFunDay_Logo_screen_colEvery child dreams of becoming an adult as soon as possible, or at least for one day to plunge into the life of their parents. Remember how young you were when you came to work with your parents. How great it was then to touch this mysterious adult world.

Today, all the moms and dads who are constantly busy in the office have a great opportunity to celebrate their children right in the workplace. Holiday Agency «MaxSmile» offering amicably note «Family Day» together. By agreeing to such an event, you open the curtain and honestly confess to your favorite kids, what you do all day long.

How does it go?  «Family Day»? You and your co-workers choose a comfortable day, preferably a day off, so that no one can get in the way. And in due time, bring your children to work: it will be a small company or a huge company is completely irrelevant. All the kids are gathered together and conducted a fascinating tour of all the offices and workplaces. They are told all the secrets of adults in an understandable language in a game form and what they do in their offices. Who saves the world, creating the necessary equipment or delicious chocolate bars, and who is very serious negotiations and counts money.

Such honesty and honesty on your part will make children look at their parents in a completely different way. This will bring you closer together and give you warmth and understanding. At the end of the funny excursion there will be an entertainment program with dressed up animators, soap bubbles, dances, contests and prizes. Work work, and fun on schedule )))))

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Be careful parents and order your child to organize a “Family Day” holiday at MaxSmile.

We will give you and your children unforgettable emotions.