Сity quest
We organize Challenge (auto orientation, quests, games in Kiev). We create adventures, making life interesting and exciting.

What’s this?
Car Quest is a 3-4-hour game in which you and your friends or colleagues play.

  • Puzzles to solve puzzles
  • To visit different locations in different parts of the city
  • Meeting the characters of the game
  • Perform their task

How does it go?
All participants in the game receive invitations indicating the date, time and place of gathering. Guests are distributed among the teams, one team = one car. Each team receives a set of clues and artefacts, hidden in the items hidden riddles and clues, the team determines where to go, in case of difficulties, can take a hint.

The cost of a corporate quest for 25 – 40 participants, 3-4 hours.

TAXI; School day; Stole in 60 seconds; Physical education; Star wars; Matrix; Angels and demons.