Children’s holiday is a special event that will help a child to believe in magic and plunge into a real fairy tale. After all, you want to see the eyes of your treasure, filled with happiness and enthusiasm for what is happening around you. When a good fairy wavers and the stardust turns an ordinary room into a beautiful castle with fairytale heroes, a tablecloth with a festive table will follow, and a huge delicious cake with candles will appear, and in front of surprised guests on the walls will grow multicolored flowers of balloons, then not only children but adults will realize that they have entrusted us with this special holiday for good reason.

But the truth is that we create this magic with our own hands, and it’s not just our profession – it’s our favorite business. Even adults, at least for one day, we will move to Wonderland, which we will create for you, picking up the costumes, decorating the thematic decor, floristics, inviting professional animators, artists or even live dragons …

We will implement all the most unrealistic ideas and will be able to create events that you and your children will never forget! We will involve your children in the world of fairy tales.

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