Automotive quest is a 3-4-hour game in which you and your friends or colleagues play:

  • Puzzles to solve puzzles
  • To visit different locations in different parts of the city
  • Meeting the characters of the game
  • Perform their task

How does AutoQuest go by?

All the participants of the game receive invitations with the date, time and place of gathering.

Guests are divided into teams, one team = one car.

Each team receives a set of evidence and artifacts, the items are hidden riddles and clues.

Solving riddles, the team determines where to go, in case of difficulties can take a hint.

At the locations the team finds the characters and passes their tests.

What to take with you:

  • Full loaded camera.
  • Lights (preferably per participant)
  • Clothes (which shouldn’t be sorry to get dirty)
  • Pen and paper

Quest conditions:

1 car = 1 crew (from 1 person and how much it will fit into the car, depending on the size of your car).
The number of crews in one game is not limited.